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Essays / 随筆

  • 竹内雄一、セゲド便り、上原記念生命科学財団 一年の歩み H28: 104-105,  2017.PDF
  • 竹内雄一、EDUCATION:ハンガリーセゲド大学医学部における 生理学教育と日本人留学生、日本生理学会誌 79: 8-15, 2017.PDF
  • 竹内雄一、ハンガリー紀行、名古屋市立大学薬友会関東支部会報、2015.PDF
  • 竹内雄一、AFTERNOON TEA:心を動かす体験、日本生理学雑誌 77: 6 – 7,  2015.PDF
  • 竹内雄一、第36回日本神経科学大会および若手研究者国際交流会に参加して、神経科学ニュース 133: 10-11,  2013.PDF

Reports / 報告書

  • 竹内雄一、難治性てんかんをオンデマンドかつ非侵襲的に制御する臨床技術の開発、かなえ医薬振興財団2018年度研究業績集(第47集):40.PDF
  • 竹内雄一、計算機-生体ハイブリッド神経回路を用いた病態脳における異常な情報伝達機構の解明、カシオ科学振興財団 研究助成成果報告論文集(平成26年度):31. PDF
  • 竹内雄一、末梢神経切断による中枢神経回路再配線の解剖学的解析、日本私立学校振興・共済事業団 学術研究振興資金研究報告(平成25年度):12.PDF

Codes / コード


  • pyControl_task: Task and config files for pyControl. GitHub
  • python_utils: A Python util library. GitHub


  • CueFearCoditioning: MATLAB code for auditory cue-dependent fear conditioning.  GitHub
  • NiDaqControlPanel: MATLAB GUI for controlling National Instruments data acquisition boards. GitHub
  • APDetector: MATLAB GUI for automatic action potential detection of membrane potential recordings. GitHub
  • PMVmemAnalysis: MATLAB codes for neuronal membrane potential analyses. GitHub
  • CSFA (fork): fork of Cross-Spectral Factor Analysis of neil-gallagher/CSFA. GitHub 
  • CSFA_wrapper: wrapper for a CSFA fork. GitHub 
  • physiology-examiner: MATLAB GUI which randomly asks three questions and normal values on medical physiology. GitHub
  • MatlabUtils: A MATLAB utilitly library. GitHub


  • LaserDiodeStabilizer: C/C++ code for feedback voltage control with a STM microcomputer. GitHub
  • TaskControllerCode: C/C++ codes for cue presentations and reward deliveries with STM microcomputers. GitHub


  • RStatisticalTests: Practical script collection for biostatistics. GitHub

Igor Pro

  • miniAna: Igor Pro GUI which offers an analytical environment for miniature events. GitHub
  • CMAPAnalysis: Igor Pro GUI used for averaging, analyses, and figure preparation of evoked potentials. GitHub
  • tClamp18: Igor Pro GUI for a versatile data acquisition environment with an InstruTECH ITC18. GitHub
  • tSort: Igor Pro GUI which offers a spike sorting environment for extracellular recordings. GitHub
  • tUtility: Igor Pro GUI which offers a general purpose analytical environment. GitHub
  • tNeuroshare: Igor Pro GUI for importing any neurophysiology data in neuroshare format. GitHub

Electronics / 電気・電子工作

  • FootshockCircuit: A foot shock circuit for fear memory researches based on the design of Fred A. Masterson (1982). figshare
  • footshock_device: A foot shock device. GitHub
  • SmallEIBPinsPCB: PCB board for small EIB pins. GitHub
  • sol_driver: A solenoid valve driver. GitHub
  • LaserDiodeStabilizerCircuit: Electronical circuit with a STM microcomputer for stabilizing laser diode outputs. figshare
  • TaskController: A microcomputer-based system for task control of animal experiments. figshare
  • ActiveBandPassFilter: Active bandpass filter with 4 times amplification. figshare
  • InfraredMotionDetecor: A motion detector with three infrared LED and phototransistor pairs. figshare

Data repositories / データリポジトリ


  • Three-dimensional axonal morphology of projection neurons in the principle trigeminal nucleus of mice: Takeuchi Archive., 2017. 
  • Three-dimensional dendritic morphology of somatosensory thalamic neurons in developing mice: Takeuchi Archive., 2017. 



  • OnHeadFaradayCage, figshare, 2018.
  • RatHeadFixRestraintSystem, figshare, 2018.
  • MouseHeadFixRestraintSystem, figshare, 2018.

Services / 社会貢献活動

Editorial contributions

Peer reviews

  • Neurosci Res (2017–present). publons
  • Neuropsychopharmacol Rep (2019–present). publons
  • Annals of Translational Medicine (2020–present). publons
  • Translational Neuroscience (2021–present). publons
  • Frontiers in  Human Neuroscience (2021–present). publons


Committee membership

Curriculum vitae / 履歴書