• Neural circuit mechanisms

    of neuropsychiatric disorders

  • Large-scale electrophysiology

    from freely-moving animals

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  • Optogenetics

    for neural circuit mechanisms

  • Real-time interventions

    of neuronal activities


Research Themes

Understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders with large-scale in vivo electrophysiology and interventions.

Research Skills

Large-scale in vivo electrophysiology, Optogenetics, Real-time closed-loop interventions, and more.

Research Outputs

Journal articles, books, conference abstracts, and invited talks, which include collaborative works.

Selected Publications

Oscillotherapeutics – Time-targeted interventions in epilepsy and beyond.

Takeuchi Y, Berényi A

Afferent fiber remodeling in the somatosensory thalamus of mice as a neural basis of somatotopic reorganization in the brain and ectopic mechanical hypersensitivity after peripheral sensory nerve injury.

Takeuchi Y, Osaki H, Yagasaki Y, Katayama Y, Miyata M

Large-scale somatotopic refinement via functional synapse elimination in the thalamus of developing mice.

Takeuchi Y, Asano H, Katayama Y, Muragaki Y, Imoto K, Miyata M

Rewiring of afferent fibers in the somatosensory thalamus of mice caused by peripheral sensory nerve transection.

Takeuchi Y, Yamasaki M, Nagumo Y, Imoto K, Watanabe M, Miyata M

Closed-loop stimulation of the medial septum terminates epileptic seizures.

Takeuchi Y, Harangozó M, Pedraza L, Földi T, Kozák G, Li Q, Berényi A

The medial septum as a potential target for treating brain disorders associated with oscillopathies.

Takeuchi Y, Nagy AJ, Barcsai L, Li Q, Ohsawa M, Mizuseki K, Berényi A