Research Themes

Understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders with large-scale in vivo electrophysiology and interventions.

Research Skills

Large-scale in vivo electrophysiology, Optogenetics, Real-time closed-loop interventions, and more.

Research Outputs

Journal articles, books, conference abstracts, and invited talks, which include collaborative works.

Selected Publications

Oscillotherapeutics – Time-targeted interventions in epilepsy and beyond.

Takeuchi Y, Berényi A

Closed-loop stimulation of the medial septum terminates epileptic seizures.

Takeuchi Y, Harangozó M, Pedraza L, Földi T, Kozák G, Li Q, Berényi A

The medial septum as a potential target for treating brain disorders associated with oscillopathies.

Takeuchi Y, Nagy AJ, Barcsai L, Li Q, Ohsawa M, Mizuseki K, Berényi A

Reinstating olfactory bulb derived limbic gamma oscillations alleviates depression-like behavioral deficits in rodents.

Li Q, Takeuchi Y, Wang J, Gellért L, Barcsai L, Pedraza LK, Nagy AJ, Kozák G, Nakai S, Kato S, Kobayashi K, Ohsawa M, Horváth G, Kékesi G, Lőrincz ML, Devinsky O, Buzsáki G, Berényi A

TRPC6 is a mechanosensitive channel essential for ultrasound neuromodulation in mammalian brain.

Matsushita Y, Yoshida K, Yoshiya M, Shimizu T, Tsukamoto S, Takeuchi Y, Higuchi M, Shimojo M